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Monday, April 11, 2011

Single stream recycling is a huge success

Mayor Michael J. McGlynn today announced results of the City’s new single-stream recycling program during the first five months of the program, November 1st through March 31st. The total diversion from the waste stream was 2,847 tons. The total saving is $248,494.

According to the Mayor, “Medford citizens are to be congratulated for their leadership with the single stream program. They have adapted extremely well despite the severe pressures put upon us from the 7th most snow filled winter in recorded history! It was also one of our coldest winters, which prevented the snow from melting.”

March was Medford’s most successful month, with 823 tons of trash diverted from the waste stream and nearly tripling our division rate from last March. In 2010 it was 9%. This year it was 25%.

“Our projections are right in line with the result for a full year forecast of diverting 5500 tons from the waste stream and saving in the amount of $500 – $550,000…Go Green Medford!” said Mayor McGlynn.

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