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Friday, April 8, 2011

Disturbed by Obama’s timidity on energy policy

RE “IT’S still oil and nuclear power for Obama’’ by Derrick Z. Jackson (Op-ed, April 2): The timidity of the Obama administration when it comes to the transformation of America’s energy economy is profoundly disturbing. The facts of climate change are firmly established, with only a few contrarians on the fringes of a global scientific consensus. The economics of renewable energy look more attractive every day, as do the geopolitical ramifications of meeting more of our national energy requirements from within our own borders.

The long-term costs of fossil fuels are harder and harder to hide, as we confront the health effects and environmental impacts of our profligate burning of oil and coal. Why, then, is the president so leery of taking a strong stand? The pusillanimity of the present administration only makes sense when viewed diagnostically: The extent to which our politics is paralyzed on this issue is a measure of the disproportionate influence of big oil and big coal on our nation’s governance.

Warren Senders

Published in Boston Globe, April 8


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