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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Medford Energy Committee Announcement

The City of Medford is creating a Medford Energy Committee comprised of volunteer residents and staff to work with the City’s Office of Energy and Environment. The committee will support the City’s goals of energy independence and environmental stewardship. Members of the committee will provide technical assistance and consultation to the City as well as organize energy and environmental programs and projects. In addition, members will assist the Office with community outreach and education. The Committee will have regular evening meetings once a month in addition to relevant projects throughout out the year.

The City is currently seeking Medford residents and staff who are interested in serving on the Medford Energy Committee. We are looking for people who are either very knowledgeable in energy efficiency and clean energy, or are interested in energy and have strong connections with other community groups to serve as liaisons to groups throughout Medford.

Interested parties should submit the on-line application by October 8th, which will be reviewed by the office. Qualified applicants will receive an interview and Committee Members will be appointed by the Mayor. The application is available from the City’s website under News and Events at http://www.medford.org/

Residents not interested in serving on the committee, but who would like to be contacted to volunteer on future energy or environmentally related projects may also fill out the form and select “I’m not interested in serving on the committee, but you may contact me for specific projects based on the information I’ve supplied below” or you may send an email to Alicia Hunt, Energy Efficiency Coordinator at ahunt@medford.org to be included in our volunteer database.

Questions can be directed to Alicia Hunt, Energy Efficiency Coordinator at ahunt@medford.org

Medford Office of Energy and Environment, September 16, 2010

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